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Are Virtual Tours Right For Your Business?

With modern technology, you can let your clients experience your product and service before they even commit to visiting your establishment. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a virtual tour is priceless. We find out how this dynamic marketing tool can benefit your business.

Increase Interest in Your Business

According to Google, business listings with photos and virtual tours are twice as likely to generate interest. The tour offers the perfect solution to showcase physical spaces. The technology captures the entire environment in a way that is not possible using traditional photographs. 

It means that your potential clients have the opportunity to experience your company through their computer screens. The interactive quality transports the audience to any chosen location and allows them to explore the scene at will.

Increased Traffic and Engagement

Many consumers go online to do some research before purchasing any products or services locally. It doesn’t matter if you have a retail business, office, or service-driven company; people are willing to work with someone if they know who they are. 

Virtual tours allow potential clients into your company, which helps them feel more affinity with your brand. Furthermore, a website with 360° photos has a higher conversion rate than one using standard two-dimensional images.

Save Your Clients Time

If you run a hospitality establishment such as a hotel or resort, a virtual tour will help save your customers a lot of time and money. If you consider members of an organization that are planning to attend a convention in your area, it would be a lot easier for them to take a virtual tour instead of doing physical visits. 

From the point of view of holidaymakers, they can take a quick look around your hotel and decide whether they’d like to stay there, making the next step towards booking easier and faster.

24/7 Availability

If business owners had their way, there would be working 24/7 to promote and market their companies. However, that is impossible in the traditional sense. With a virtual tour embedded in your business’s website, customers can view your products online around the clock. 

While you’re sleeping, clients can walk through your virtual door and explore your catalog or premises. 

Abundance of Information

If you’re not the most creative writer, it could be a challenge describing your products’ features and benefits with only one or two photos attached. A 360° virtual tour of your facilities or your product range allows customers to view precisely what you’re selling. 

There is no confusion if they can see what they’re buying instead of trying to understand written descriptions. It’s especially helpful for businesses that have very detailed or intricate products that are difficult to explain.

Broaden Your Reach

With the software and technology available today, your virtual tour can be watched by potential clients using various devices. No longer are people restricted to sit at a desk behind a computer to access online information. 

This means that your business can reach a new audience who is more reliant on mobile devices than traditional PCs. Furthermore, most virtual tours are downloadable, meaning that you can attach them and email them to your contact list as part of your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Growing your business in today’s highly competitive environment requires innovation and persistence. With the advancement of technology, companies can create virtual tours to help them reach more clients. A 360° view of complex and detailed products allow businesses to use visual presentations to sell to customers without solely relying on written descriptions. 

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