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Google Trusted Photographers

Picture it.  It’s your best friend’s birthday party, you’re running late, and it was your job to find a last-minute show-stopping cake.  You scope out bakeries on the way, and the two results couldn’t be more different.  The first bakery looks amazing!  You take a virtual tour of the place and see that the pastries are as picture-perfect as the décor.  You can practically smell the buttercream just by looking around!  Still pumping with excitement from your first virtual tour, you rapidly click on the second result to take another look around, but notice that it doesn’t have the same option.  There are a few user-uploaded photos of the place, but the photos are so shaky they look like they were taken during an earthquake.  I know we’re taught to never judge a book by its cover but in this situation?  Come on!  Anyone would choose the first bakery.

This exact situation is very specific and maybe a bit farfetched and whimsical, but if you take a couple of the details and tweak them, you have yourself a surprisingly common and realistic scenario.  Maybe it’s not a birthday, it’s an impromptu coffee meeting. 

Maybe it’s not a cake, but instead a snazzy new blouse.  Maybe there isn’t even a need to rush and you just want to save on gas by knowing what you’re getting into before you commit to the drive.  Whatever the case, the ability to scope out locations from anywhere is an incredibly powerful tool that more and more people rely on every day. 

When it comes to finding new customers or helping any directionally challenged individuals find their way, you and your business can always turn to the aid of a Google Trusted Photographer. 

What is a Google Trusted Photographer?

Google Trusted Photographers are individuals who specialize in taking 360 photos of the interior and sometimes the exterior of your business.  They have extensive knowledge of Google’s 360 photograph requirements and deliver material that is later stitched into 360 tours through Google Street View.  These individuals are certified by Google to ensure that their skills are up to standard and their abilities guarantee a fresh and modern way of capturing your business.  

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Hey! I can take 360 photos on my phone so I can just do it myself.”  Maybe?  It’s certainly a possibility, but there are so many nuances and specifics that go into creating these virtual tours that it’s much safer to hire someone who’s preapproved, experienced, and Trusted.

Aside from having a vast knowledge of Google’s requirements to create virtual tours from 360 photos, they have a fantastic baseline understanding of the fundamentals of photography.  They can capture photos in even places with great dynamic range (really really dark and really really bright at the same time) and can create balanced gorgeous photos where no detail is lost. Basically, they know how to take high-tech photos, they know how to make the photos look good, and best of all?  They KNOW how to make your business look its best.  It’s a win-win-WIN situation!  

Virtual tours are a valuable tool and asset to any business big or small.  They allow users and customers the ability to see you and get excited about your business from literally anywhere in the world.  Whether you’re hoping to impress the couple down the street just looking for a way to spice up the afternoon or entice the business lady from out of town who hasn’t yet learned all the hottest spots to hit, Google Trusted Photographers offer a versatile dynamic product that can turn some heads and charm new customers.  

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